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Welcome to Neatafan.

We make products for the commercial & industrial ventilation market.
Ventilation is a somewhat misunderstood subject both at home and at work, coming under the heading of either air conditioning or mandatory regulation.

However, a well ventilated space is a pleasure to live & work in.
If you extract stale air from a room you will need replacement air from outside. Depending on your environment, an open window can introduce pollution and noise. A positive input fan unit can overcome these problems and also raise or lower the air temperature. Carefully designed ducting and diffuser selection will distribute the air without creating draughts.
Modern EC/DC fan motors have built in speed control which (providing they are not set to full speed) consume a fraction of the power of the previous AC types and the cool running bearings last much longer.

In the winter, the heat loss from ventilating can be high, unless the flow is reduced during low temperatures or heat energy is recovered from the exhaust fan route and fed back into the input fan route. Some of the latest solutions to this can recover most of what would otherwise be wasted heat.

Neatafan manufactures components for these systems, we do not provide complete installations.

Why choose NEATAFAN?

In the UK, we were the first to manufacture built-in pulse controls.
We have in house HVAC & electronics design specialists.
Quick deliveries, stock items and a friendly voice on the telephone.
Our products are tested to the latest EU domestic & industrial Standards.
If you have a problem we can talk you through it.
Spare parts
To keep your heater running for decades!