The race track at Snetterton has a mixture of tight corners added to the old circuit which requires good acceleration from low speeds. In initial qualifying, Neatafan Racing were mid field, so we decided to try some alternative tyres as employed by other teams. This resulted in Tom achieving third in qualifying, our best result this year!

Following Tom’s success, other riders also fitted these tyres for the race. Saturdays race in fine conditions, saw Tom oscillate between 3rd & 5th each lap, crossing the line in 5th at the end. The team were delighted to be making progress.

Sunday warm up went well and we were all set for a good result in the televised race. Tom started in the front group, but on the run down to the first hairpin, as he went down through the gears, the clutch cable jumped from its U bracket and he had to pull off to the side, race over. Ryan Saxelby’s bikes were dominant at this event (1st & 2nd) in both races.