You may have heard about ‘Natural Ventilation’; the proposal that a building can be ventilated by means of air entering large inlets set in an optimal direction and driven upwards through suitable chimneys by low pressure warm air & the stack effect.

Natural Ventilation and Stack Effect

The idea has some merit and in ideal conditions (perhaps 3 summer months) it will work but it will require secure inlet louvres, shut off dampers, basic filter screens and if you want a practical solution, extract fans in the roof!

I distinctly recall an ‘award winning building’ requesting Neatafan’s help to provide such a solution.

The small amount of ventilation air required in the winter would have to be heated in some way and the best way to do this is with additional fan/heater units.

Ideally, further research is required to establish the optimum systems to ventilate buildings and integrate them into new designs to prevent problems. In the meantime, Neatafan’s sales team can assist you with your ventilation design and specific needs. Call 01489 783783 or visit for more information on our products.