Commercial Ventilation

The requirements for commercial ventilation vary from company to company and are dependent on several factors including application, industry and environment. A typical application may be to provide commercial ventilation and heating for comfort in an office or workplace. On a larger scale it could mean the supplying of fresh air to an entire building and humidity control.

At Neatafan, components can be provided to achieve any of these needs and have been heralded as pioneers in the commercial and industrial ventilation markets. In fact, we were the first company to manufacture heaters with built-in controls enabling the user to control the required temperature, humidity and comfort levels. Since 1983 and to the present day we continue to invest heavily in the research and design of new systems in order to remain at the forefront of the commercial ventilation industry.

We have in-house HVAC and electronic design specialists on hand with vast knowledge in the commercial ventilation sector across a vast array of industries and applications including retail, education, medical, marine as well as military and even extreme environments. It is with this in mind that Neatafan should be your first port of call when planning a new commercial ventilation system.

Being a UK based company you can be sure of the highest level of quality and rest assured that all our products are tested to the latest EU industrial standards. We can design units for typical UK conditions as well as extreme conditions with high or low humidity. Systems can be specifically designed to suit the customer’s available space, product range and specific needs for various industries and environments. Other products that we offer are Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) and Constant Pressure Control.

Since our commercial ventilation systems are tailored to meet your specific requirements, it allows us to export our systems across the world for any commercial ventilation application. Being entrusted with  specialised projects including Nuclear Power Stations, Government buildings and even the British Olympic Sailing Team, reiterates why Neatafan are considered the forerunner in the commercial ventilation field.

At Neatafan, we also manufacture Gas Interlocking Systems. These are designed specifically with commercial kitchen safety in mind. Our ALS3 senses the fan current and interlocks the ventilation and gas supply to kitchen appliances thus ensuring a constant safe working environment for you and your staff. This also helps to achieve compliance with various British safety standards and accreditations such as Gas Safe.

Commercial Ventilation