Air Handling Units

At Neatafan, we have been making high quality Air Handling Units for a variety of industrial & commercial applications for many years; we are known for our high quality specifications, durability and reliability.

Selection includes:

  • Filter /Heater/Fan assembly
  • All units less than 1 W/ l/s
  • EC/DC fan with built in speed control
  • Hot water or electric heater with built-in set point control

An Air Handling Unit is a purpose made insulated housing usually containing filters, heat exchangers and fan, with access doors and controls built in. We adopted the EC/DC fan motor in 2009 after testing showed it to be superior to AC types in speed control range, resistance to changes in duct pressure and lower starting/running current. These fan motors provide up to 3 times the service life of an equivalent AC motor as the bearings run at lower temperature.

Water or refrigerant to air heat exchangers are manufactured in house, using plain or poly coated aluminium fins. This enables us to control detail design, quality and speed of delivery. Our advanced electric heaters and controls are often included in these units to enable fine control of output temperature.

Our AHU’s utilise extruded aluminium frame sections and insulated double skinned steel panels; this construction technique offers weather resistance and long life with a good thermal and acoustic performance using recyclable materials. The compact dimensions permit installations in tight spaces in both inside and outside applications.

Air Handling Unit
Commercial Air Handling Unit

We have always recommended bag filters in our units because they offer particle efficiency and long service life with reasonable replacement cost. A longlife M5 or F7 bag filter can be used on its own without the extra pressure loss of a pre-filter. If your location is adjacent to city roads, you will also benefit from activated carbon panels to collect odours and oxides of nitrogen.

Air to Air heat exchangers enable exhaust heat to be recovered back into the fresh air stream. Neatafan’s range of units have been designed to use the latest type of heat exchanger and comply with ErP 2018.

To create the AHU to your specific needs, Neatafan also have a range of Low Profile and Mini AHU’s which may suit. For more information, please click on the links below.






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