Control Components for Commercial Ventilation

Image Component Code Description
Current image ok DTFS Combined temperature & velocity sensor
Image needed DFS Low velocity airflow switch (240v supply)
Image needed RST5 Room temperature sensor
Image needed DST5 Duct temperature sensor
Image needed AF604X Differential air pressure switch 20-300Pa
Image needed TH2-4 0-10v dc Pulse Controller (4kw)
Image needed TC3 Basic Pulse Controller with set point
Image needed TC7 Pulse Controller, set point, 0-10v, fan & SSR outputs
Image needed TC8 Pulse Controller, as TC7 but with 2 output steps
Image needed WVC Water valve set point controller and power supply
Image needed PA300 &VR1 Various IR lamp controllers
Image needed ALS1 Basic Kitchen gas alarm panel (AF604X signal input)
Image needed ALS3 Micro based multi-feature kitchen gas alarm panel
Image needed NDIR CO2 Wall mounting CO2 sensor
Image needed T1 Bi-metal manual reset cut-out 120ºc
Image needed T10 Capillary type manual reset 50-300ºc
Image needed T13 Capillary type manual reset 125ºc
Image needed T14 Capillary type manual reset 50-320ºc
Image needed T20 Capillary type auto reset 0-90ºc
Image needed PRH Constant Pressure Sensor
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