Large Stab-In Electric Duct Heaters

Standard heaters made to suit your duct with sheathed elements and fail safe manual reset high temperature cutout.

Heater Construction

Electric resistance heaters comprise on plan sheathed stainless steel elements mounted in standard ISO duct sizes.
Casing is 0.9mm galvanised steel with an airtight seam.

The terminal box has knockouts for power input & signal inputs.

A mains isolator will be required adjacent to the heater.

Heating elements are mineral insulated type, sized for air heating application.

Overheat cut-out is fail safe, 120c pre-set, liquid gas type with contacts rated for direct load switching (single phase).

If you are providing your own controls, you need to allow for an air proving switch and a suitable power relay.

LINK TO CONTROLS – See our range of Controls for more details here.

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