The ALS1 is our low-cost gas interlock providing a basic and reliable gas interlock system when you are working to a tight budget. The gas interlock panel offers unrivalled safety integrity with its unique hard-wired timer backup.

Maintaining the integrity of the kitchen ventilation system is critical for a safe working environment as specified in British Standard BS6173:2009.

The ALS1 is the only budget gas interlock on the market which has a timed interlock with hardware backup. This will shut off the gas valve if there is insufficient airflow to allow safe combustion.  Thus ensuring a safe working environment and achieves compliance with BS6173:2009 and other standards including HVCA DW/172, GSIUR:1998 and Gas Safe TB140


  • Monitors two external airflow switches with volt free contacts
  • 20 second hold-off timer with hardware backup
  • 230V gas solenoid supply (max 3A)

 Configuration and diagnostics:

  • Power and gas valve status LED indicators
  • Individual LEDs indicate an active alarm
  • No configuration needed

Safety and Alarms:

  • Fire alarm input
  • On-board emergency stop with terminals for remote emergency stop circuit
  • Audible and visual display of alarms


  • Tough IP66 ABS enclosure
  • Wipe clean surface


Q – The old ALS1 did not have an emergency stop button on the front, why has this been added to the new ALS1?

There are bewildering range of standards/legislation relating to the safety of work equipment including PUWER, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. However, it is recommended that a mushroom head emergency stop button is located at the main console or interface with the user/operator. The ALS1 allows additional emergency stops to be connected and these can be located around the cooking area.

 Q – Is the ALS1 supplied with airflow switches?

If required, we can supply the ALS1 with high-quality airflow switches. Our airflow switches are designed to offer longevity even in the hostile environment of a commercial kitchen.

N.B – Reducing the airflow can compromise pressure switch operation.

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